At Entire Digital news are personalized thanks to an algorithm: it is the new digital journalism.


Entire Digital is a tech company that produces AI-powered Media Outlets and stands out as a groundbreaking innovator in the huge market of digital publishing.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, the search for readers is easier and faster. This technology controls the user’s navigation through our machine-learning algorithm to suggest the right content at the right time.
Entire Digital AI uses a proprietary technology and modern data metrics to test, learn, and optimize continuously. The products are constantly evolving to better serve our audience.
It is intended to sell its SaaS technology because many large companies are essentially publishers: each company customer will be able to use a cloud platform service, also known as Platform as a Service (PaaS), which provides cloud components to certain software while being used mainly for applications.

Company Information

Entire Digital leads a social revolution with a major impact on the world of readers.

Headquartered in Milan (Italy), the company will open properties in 8 countries up to 2023
France, Spain, Uk, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, India.

Our culture

Entire Digital likes to think of a world without boundaries and limits. It wants everyone to be able to stay informed anywhere in the world and at any time, in the best possible way and for free. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is the Entire Digital’ important value and its focus strategy because it believes in every single person and their uniqueness. Entire Digital creates a remarkable experience every day: it has a passion for what it does and believes in the diversity of experiences, opinions, expressions, and personalities: this is the strength to change the world. 

Interconnected society

In a hypercomplex society, in which managing and processing information is the main resource, new technology is the only opportunity to connect people and knowledge, sharing opinions and experiences. Entire Digital is focused on guaranteeing this interaction between different countries and cultures and creating relationships based on common interests and trends of the moment.


Technology and internationalization will enhance significantly the ability of Entire Digital to reach impressive volumes of traffic. It is going to open indeed in 8 countries by 2023 in order to pursue its globalization strategy.

Key People

Massimiliano Squillace

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, 4 exits, author of the bestseller Successful Startups.

Mario Marzullo


Former Marketing DIrector of News30, he was involved in the launch of Lettera43.

Alessia Vangi


Among the first 5 people hired by the company. The person behind the Entire Digital social success.

Marco Nasoni


Many years of experience in the financial area for US corporations such as Pfizer and Black&Decker.

Francesco Bancalà


Developer for 15 years, alongside the founder for 10, he has also worked in previous exits.

Fabio Muraro


Many years of experience in the HR area in corporations and SMEs. Certified business and team coach.



Entire Digital raised 1,200,000 euros (about 1,350,000 US dollars) in 2019. The company is break-even and profitable.

Entire Digital has started a fundraising campaign and it is raising 6,000,000 euros (about 6,700,000 US dollars) to grow and bring its technology to the world.

If you want to invest in Entire Digital you can write to

The CEO Massimiliano Squillace sends quarterly reports to current investors and shareholders.


Entire Digital believes software innovation is shaping the future.
How does Entire Digital help companies that do online business? The machine-learning algorithm provides suggest tailor-made content at the right time for every type of user.

Social impact

Entire Digital gives voice to people who are shaping the future. Most of its readers are between 18 and 30 years old. The company accepts new challenges and turn it into its own. Entire Digital’ social impact is based on the free sharing and use of ideas, giving voice to people who decide.

Entire Digital creates
Entire Digital reads
Entire Digital changes the world
That’s the impact

Its biggest competitor is the attention of users who every day unravel a lot of information. Entire Digital wants to keep its readers’ attention high in a world where the new censorship is the excess of information that makes what is really relevant disappear. Attention is the new currency.
How much is your attention worth? What better choice than to master your own time?


UK – Entire Digital Services Ltd – 52 Gower Street Bloomsbury London WC1E 6EB
Italia – Entire Digital Srl – Via Cosimo Del Fante 16, Milano
France – Entire Digital France Sarl – 55 Rue La Boétie – 78008 Paris
España – Entire Digital Iberica S.l. – Calle Silva 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain