Both providers and users of ICT tools and infrastructures are invested in a revolution: Entire Digital believes software innovation is shaping the future and wants to be a leader with a major impact on the world of web users.

How does Entire Digital help companies that do online business? Entire Digital’s machine-learning algorithm provides tailor-made content at the right time for every type of user, making their search easier and faster. It uses proprietary technology and modern data metrics to test, learn, and optimize continuously to better serve its audience.

AI Tools

Entire Digital’s AI uses proprietary technology and modern data metrics to test, learn and optimize continuously. Its products are constantly evolving to better serve its clients.

Entire Digital developed an advanced system of proprietary AI to innovate the content creation industry through an entirely data-driven approach, applicable to every kind of business online.

Entire Digital’s AI tools are applied to the phases of content creation.

Trend discovery

The process is managed by an algorithm that identifies the best trends of the moment and makes predictions about the output values. It processes all the information online through news gathering websites (data, social networks and search engines) following specific parameters: 

  • authority of the source
  • veracity of the source
  • neutrality and impartiality of the source

Content production

The process is based on a hybrid model of contributors and machine learning, the key feature of this phase.

Crowdsourcing platform

10,000 content creators from all over the world providing the best content following trends and their inclinations. They are evaluated according to their talents and rankings based on specific parameters, first of all, the clear form of information and users’ preferences.

Natural language generation

The system elaborates a large amount of data through news gathering websites (social media and source engines) in order to generate content. Through a process of extraction, understanding and improvement, new final and better content is created. 

This technology ensures to save time and valuable resources and allows to employ human competence only when irreplaceable.

Natural language processing

The system uses a statistic-mathematic process to check quality and veracity of automatic or human-made texts following specific syntactic and semantic rules. 

It tests content through metadata and data sets examination to identify the geographical location and the first person who shared it online and verify the veracity and expose misinformation.

Content recommendation

The recommendation system is machine learning-based and tests the same model as Netflix, Amazon and Spotify for the news. The algorithm suggests the right news to the right user according to their online navigation, disposition and likes.

Media Outlets

Today Entire Digital operates in different countries around the world


Entire Digital sells its technological solutions to anyone who needs them, from marketing content to sales and reputation management, offering the in-depth content and tools.

Cloud platform service, also known as Platform as a Service (PaaS), provides cloud components to certain software while being used mainly for applications.

Entire Digital sells AI-powered content to Microsoft, Yahoo!, Havas Media and BacktoWork.

“Entire Digital is leading a social revolution with a major impact on the world of readers.”


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