Both providers and users of ICT tools and infrastructures are invested in a revolution: Entire Digital believes software innovation is shaping the future and wants to be a leader with a major impact on the world of web users.

How does Entire Digital help companies that do online business? Entire Digital’s machine-learning algorithm provides tailor-made content at the right time for every type of user, making their search easier and faster. It uses proprietary technology and modern data metrics to test, learn, and optimize continuously to better serve its audience.

Entire Digital moves Media into the Gig Economy

 The A.I. tools

Entire Digital brings media into the GIG Economy.

Entire Digital AI uses proprietary technology and modern data metrics to test, learn, and optimize continuously. Their products are constantly evolving to better serve their audience.

Crowdsourcing and billing platform for creators

10.000 creators from all over the world produce content.

AI for content discovery

Content production based on trends.

Natural Language Processing

for quality check.

Content Recommendation

The recommendation based, machine learning model of Spotify and Netflix will apply to the news and recommending related readings.

Our media outlets

Today Entire Digital operates in different countries around the world:


Entire Digital sells its technology to its competitors because many large companies are essentially publishers.

Cloud platform service, also known as Platform as a Service (PaaS), provides cloud components to certain software while being used mainly for applications.

Entire Digital sells AI-powered content to Microsoft and Yahoo!

“Entire Digital is leading a social revolution with a major impact on the world of readers.”


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Italia – Entire Digital Srl – Via Paolo da Cannobio, 9, 20122 Milano MI
France – Entire Digital France Sarl – 55 Rue La Boétie – 78008 Paris
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